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>> how did you become so liberal and him so conservative? >> bob: he was dropped on his head when he was a child. >> kimberly: awesome guy. >> eric: you are not lying brian. >> brian: i'm not. that book is, it lives up to the fight. it's fantastic. >> bob: very good. >> brian: you have been on the radio show. thursday, serious foolishly is dropping fox news talk. so you can get us online and over the 100 stations we are on. i want to inform the audience that is where you find it. hopefully they'll be smart enough to put it back on. >> eric: before we go. can we mention something we haven't mentioned, worthwhile to mention. chris kyle, we buried an american hero the other day. american sniper and navy seal, who took out 150 of the enemies, bad guy. >> brian: i did an hour interview with him. on put it up on the day of the memorial service. >> kimberly: important to honor his service and those who continue to serve.
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tragedy what happened. >> bob: does anybody have radio stations up there, get brian's show and get andrea's show. because you are missing two good shows. >> megyn: thank you, bob. >> bob: no problem. >> on the seal, can we call him a hero and leave it at that? after chris kyle passed away, number of people in media who took to the web to basically use it as an opportunity for gun control. >> a hero. buried yesterday. thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. bye. ♪ ♪ welcome to "red red eye --" red eye." i'm andy levy filling in for geeing gutfeld. jedediah, what is coming up on
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tonight's show? >> president obama's state of the union address caused quite a stir. our panel will tell you why obama was wrong about everything. and if they don't, i certainly will. and it appears that 63-year-old tennessee congressman steve cohen was tweeting 24-year-old model during the state of the union. what can i say? at least he didn't pull a wiener. and kate upton almost froze to death to bring you a booby-lishes sports illustrated cover. >> that was unnecessarily mean to bill, and then i thought it was not unnecessary at all. >> not possible. >> see you at half time. let's welcome our guests. i am here with diane macedo who anchors business news in the morning on the fox network. and paul mccurio that makes for a great valentine's day present. it is called image makeover. and women continue want to be with him and men don't want to be him. it is bill schulz. and next to me is mike baker, the former cia operative and
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president of diligence. diligence, when a drone is an up close and personal, think diligence. diligence, making the world a better place for the people who pay us. >> well, it was as talky as it was clapy. that's what they said about the state of the union. it got off to a weird start. >> mr. speaker, the president of the united states. >> and then president obama spoke for what seemed like 59 minutes and 51 seconds laying out his agenda including raising the minimum wage and increasing infrastructure and attacking climate change and pushing for an "entourage" sequel. let it go. but then it seemed like he was throwing out ideas on the fly. >> we must do more to combat
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climate change. that idea is even worse. i propose a fix it first program to put people to work as soon as possible on our most urgent repairs. that idea is even worse. i asked congress to change the higher education act so affordability and value are included in determining which colleges receive certain types of federal aid. that idea is even worse. >> rare peek in the creative process. and many were left wondering what the hell was up with speaker john boehner and his gavel.
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>> this is why congress' approval rating is so low. it is not a toy, speaker. >> biden is just clapping the whole time encouraging him. >> that's what biden does though. >> if that's all congress did, the approval rating would be through the roof. >> good point. diane, i go to you first so we can get the substantive part of the conversation out of the way. >> i think it is funny he started off saying americans don't expect government to solve every problem, and then proposed a government solution to just about any problem you can think of. anything from job creation to green energy. he is even proposing a law to make sure women and men get paid equally. >> boo. >> and not that it is not a lottable goal, but he went through a laundry list of things people complain about 1k then tried to -- about, and then tried to propose government help.
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we have been throwing money at education for so long. teachers increased, salaries increased and grades have stayed the same. >> is that a word problem? >> that's the thing. there are two schools of thoughts on how to solve this problem. give the unions less power and tbif students and families more choice. and the other is give the schools maury sources. we have been trying this approach for 20 years. maybe it is time to change course here. it was clear that the president is to the looking for come compromise. he is looking to campaign against republicans for the next few years in the hopes of stealing the house for the next time around of -- around. >> the speech was a liberal wish list which is what they were getting at. a lot of that stuff is not going to make it through the republican controlled house. but is that okay? is that the point of the state of the union? is he laying out a wish list? >> there was no surprise. the whole night felt like a lot of the same. he supposedly wants smaller government, and then he comes
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up with a list of programs longer than time warner cable. talk about education his solution was mandatory preschool for everybody. apparently we are going to regain world superiority by finger painting an itsy-bitsy spider. is that the focus on what we need to do to get back on top? been there, done that. >> don't allow the schools to fire bad teachers. just make preschool mandatory. >> this is the way you write the state of the union address. you get people in a room and they are like, clean energy. sure. raise the minimum wage. women making as much as men. put it all in because in two days nobody will remember anyway. >> exactly. nobody goes to a state of the iewn yep speech -- state of the union speech expecting to be wowed or inspired. it has become one of the road exercises you do every year. it is essentially a wish list. the scary thing about it is he has an open playing field right now for the next few years.
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the wish list could start to materialize. as far as i was concerned he lost me -- i was watching in a hotel room by myself. >> with your guns? >> with my weapons. >> he knows the coach. >> my wife has never missed an episode of "red eye." i was watching, and he had the nerve to say, and i will try to say this without swearing. he had the nerve to say among the other things he was going to do is ensure he always protects our diplomats and intel people working overseas. now, how dare he talk about that? >> he meant starting now. >> starting now. you sent me a note because i actually went on the world of tweeter and sent a note about that. i wassen fiewr yaited. then i fired two rounds into the tv and had to go to a bar
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to watch the rest. >> you were upset and i had to let you know that benghazi wasn't important. >> apparently. we knew they decided that on september 11th right after the attack. >> and the media went along with it. >> absolutely. >> bill, as a parent what did you think of the future of our kids? >> i love the idea of guaranteed preschool for every american parent. it is a good thing for me as a father of three i will legitimate children. even though they are 27 they are unbelievably i will literal. >> are they all 27? >> three different daughters with four different women. >> you fathered these children when when you were 6? i deed i did. >> i think you are just bad at math. >> i know i want those old
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women in preschool now. >> what is high quality >> you know what it is -- >> if it was a perfect example of the platitude. we will layout these nice, fuzzy things that make me sound great and everybody was standing up and applauding. it was a well rehearsed simon says. >> cut back to 20 minutes and we can shoot at the tv. >> a very good preschool as opposed to an average preschool is a preschool that where you go in they have real crayola crayons. you know what i am talking about, right? >> i have to ask baker, what is the difference? >> people know what i am talking about. >> i am going out on a limb that says there is no american that knows what you are talking about.
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>> i know what he is talking about. there are bad crayons and good crayons. >> diana, i want to share -- frankly we can show some of this. what was up with evil joe biden? was it like children of the damned? woman not really sure. >> he kept clapping. whatever he was staring at. >> you know what, i cannot wait for you to scratch your cornea. >> he is possessed by a demon and nobody cares. and it is not even the demon rum he is just sitting there going, that's going to be me next, going to be me. >> does he really think that? >> he does. >> do you think he believes it? >> notra-damus says he will come when the next american president is all pupil. this could be very concerning.
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>> the biggest move is when the president is walking through there, and you have the esteemed congressman or the senators who want them to sign the program. >> what was that? >> i don't know. >> congressman engel who got there 15 hours beforehand and he can be that guy ever since 1988 to have the middle aisle see. and obama didn't shake his hand after he had been there so long. >> from dry speeches to dry mouth. it is official. marco rubio won't be president after a short clip of him siping water was glazing across the internet. in his rebut sell -- in his rebuttal, the florida senator made a case for the smaller government, but the media preferred to focus on this moment.
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>> sorry, that is the wrong tape. >> i give up. people have seen the water bottle moment enough. my favorite thing about this is watching on twittery and then on tv, the self-appointed smart set getting all giddy about this. >> this is uh stopping and we were -- astounding and we were talking about this in the green room when we were cleaning our weapons. >> now we are seeing it. you can keep talking. >> what is what we call a voiceover. >> look, i would make two quick points and then move on to people who know what they
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are talking about. first of all, how many suck ups exist to take care of these people? who wouldn't have known to put a small side table next to anybody that would have given it up to a nice crystal glass. the other part is, and several people sent me this screen shot from cnn today. it shows rubio drinking his bottle of water saying career ender? a career ender is if you got a gobble job in the oval office and then you lied about it to the entire american public. >> or if you tried to save citizens being killed in benghazi and then stonewalled it. that's a career effort. >> or use drones to kill americans. >> i jus realized you are okay -- i just realized you are okay with that. >> but i have to say, you were saying in the green room, not only -- you said not only can't rubio run for president in 2016, but he needs to
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resign his senate seat. >> that's a bit drastic. >> it is a silly thing that obviously the media is focused on. they don't want to focus on the fact that what he said was right. >> paul, comedians often have a water bottle on stage with them. i'm sure you have seen them. why not politicians? >> i thought he was doing that improve trick where you pretend you are walking down. you can see he was getting -- he kept doing that and you can see it. you can see it. but you know what, look, it happened and it is not a big deal. he shouldn't be judged by it. good for him. he made the same speech to the hispanic community and look, i
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mean, it could have been a little smoother with a glass nearby. >> this is the only thing i thought was why wasn't the water next to it. >> he was awkward. you can tell he was embarrassed and he bobbed and weaved. he tried to do a quick sport. >> looking over -- >> that made him look endearing. it was a whole lot of nothing. >> now he lost me. >> well, you have to agree. the spanish lapping wedge -- the spanish language thing beforehand, didn't that seem a bit much? it is left and right, the republicans have to reach out to the latinos. oh, they will love it if we give the same speech, but in espanol. maybe i am with go tau mall 11 children, i would be offended
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by that. >> the truth is that the gop has done a horrible job. this past presidential election was the same. they did a horrible job of explaining how they do have a good out reach program. it is inclusive -- not that the democrats would admit it, but in the hispanic community, look at the governors. the gop made no use of the governors that they have. they represent the hispanic community. i think time did what they always do which is go over board. he is not the save yes, sir of the gop. >> you can't prop him up there and say he is hispanic. >> what is behind obama? >> there are people who think rubio is a substantive guy. >> he is sounding like the same republican mess seeming and they say you have to break out and breakthrough to the latino community by not just having them as latino, but
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saying things that resonate with them. >> that's true. i think they do have to broaden their horizons, otherwise they will never win another election. >> isn't it time to get rid of the response? the bottom line is nothing he said will be remembered. it will only be remembered for the awkward water thing. if the awkward water thing hadn't happened, nothing will be remembered either. >> but i still think -- i do think you need that message. it gives people something to report the next day. we went to the state of the union. this response gives us the opportunity to at least show what the other side is saying. obviously the president will get more attention than somebody who is not holding that office after the state of the union address. but it is important to get the other side in there. >> i am the 800 millionth person to say this. you go from the president sitting in congress with everyone around him and then you go to a guy in a room with a picture.
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>> i don't think there is anyway to win that. >> it is clearly not going to have the same affect. at the very least it has the -- it gives the shows that have to respond to this immediately either late at night or early in the morning a chance to have someone to quote and someone to lean on. obviously the anchor is not giving their own opinion. it gives the anchors the ability to have somebody to source the other side. >> i agree. >> i don't think it changes anybody's minds. >> i think it is basically for the media. there is absolutely no reason as everyone says the presidents used to deliver a letter to congress. send an e-mail. post-it on tumbler. >> not everybody is as smart as skep -- as smart and as skeptical as you are. they assume that must mean that plan is going to create jobs. >> if you say, okay, they do
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this every state of the union. >> they are going to make enough money to actually eat at mcdonalds. >> and then they are not going to do it anyway. >> if you look at the media reports, nobody addresses the art against the minimum wage and how it costs people jobs and ruining the economy. at least having another side out there to put out there late at night and early in the morning before they can get at it, it offers the community. >> you can send people out to talk to the media and have them go to the studio instead of sitting in the room. >> there may be a better way, but having the other peck spec tiff -- perspective is important. >> they can drop the whole thing and rerun mcgiver. >> you want to talk about small government, think about the millions probably millions in security we pay for to protect the biggest targeted every year on this day. there is an entire government
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in there that is waiting for nuked. can you imagine how much it must cost to keep these guys contained? >> way to give the bad guys the idea. >> coming up, what is the secret ? diane macedo, with 200 ways to eat. blah, blah, blah, kate upton, blah, blah, blah, kate upton. you are watching fnc so stick around.
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at sleep train. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ so-called magazine is being criticized over a central part of its story on the navy seal who killed osama bin laden. they claimed the shooter received no health care after
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leaving the the service, but as stars and stripes first pointed out he is covered by the department of veteran affairs. the 16-year vet just discovered he could receive a pension after 20 years of service doesn't ring true either. according to the editor, his complaints about the story missed the real point. they respond, quote, the piece argues that ultimately because of the services rendered to the country and the sacrifices dend ma -- demanded of them should be considered and treated separate and apart from all other veterans once they come home. that's a great discussion to have, but as noted on tuesday, the original esquire piece makes no argument. the war on veapped -- on valentine's day continues to be ignored. >> happy valentine's day teddy bear. no, don't eat the roses.
12:26 am
>> my wife does that every year. >> i give her flowers and she eats them. i say every year i am not giving you roses. >> diane, he was on "hannity" and he said the shooter was unaware of a health option, and they don't communicate this stuff to members very well which i can definitely believe. but there is also some shock gurn level. there is no way a guy in the military doesn't know you don't get a pension if you do less than 20 years. putting in 20 is a common term. >> they were looking to beef up the piece a little bit. i don't think it would have been so controversy had it not been so stupid. they were so argumentative and they came out flashing when they should have said, sorry, bad editing. maybe we shouldn't have used the word disyou ever cked when he disyou ever cked -- the
12:27 am
word discovered when he discovered the word. after 16 years of service he deserves one. and like you said, they didn't make that argument in the article and they should have. but i think their response to being called out made it so much worse. >> and things like well, his family doesn't get the health care. so when they wrote he discovered he had no health care, that's not what you didn't say. you said him. >> exactly. and the whole and if you are going to focus on our article and not do your own work into this topic, well then he really is screwed. that's a lame excuse. instead of just saying sorry, we got it a little wrong. >> and that's the thing. if you call them out for being wrong you hate the troops. >> exactly. it all comes back to shoty journalism by esquire. if they put any inned could of effort into this -- if this was a story about the sexiest navy seal alive they would have got everything right. this is why i don't go to "esquire" for my journalism. i go to respected journalistic
12:28 am
institutions like "hustler". >> there are so many legal things about that sentence. >> i want to ask you about the question that esquire actually raised in its response. should special opts guys get special treatment? should a navy seal not do it when it is jobs? >> i can make the argument that guys in the op side in my old outfit should get special consideration over the folks in the di and the other directors. i just don't think it holds water. i completely honor this guy's service, and i have a lot of friends on the teams and they are wonderful, wonderful. and they work constantly to keep us safe, but the military commitment is the military commitment. i don't know that you can say an element is more important than someone else who is deployed doing something not necessarily as high speed or at the .y edge of the -- at
12:29 am
the pointy edge of the spear. it was shoty journalism, but they were highlighting an interesting point. the military does a good job of taking care of people who go through the whole career process. and then they retire and they are a chief warrant officer. they put in their 20, 25 years. it is much more difficult for them to be consistent and do a good job and present options for these people when they get out and they are 27 or 28 or 29. that's where these guys go. by the time they finish their deployment and they want a career, the military is trying to figure out how to properly take care of those people. >> that's not funny at all. >> you are right. >> i am for anything that highlights the need for serious v.a. reform. having used the system, it is god awful. it seemed to me esquire was a little misleading. i don't feel there is a need for that. >> the system is bad enough on
12:30 am
its own. >> it seemed like they had enough material to work with that they didn't have to exaggerate it. >> 20 years seems like a longtime. >> it is 20 years -- >> that is industry standard for cops and firefighters. it is 20 years. it is a government service. >> they have ways to scale it down. say you are overseas and all of that overseas time it accelerates. >> how about you shoot osama bin laden in the face and get credit for five years of service. >> that's very valid. >> and he has 21 years. >> most of the time you are hiding under a desk. >> that's exactly right. >> how many times did i soil myself? >> you are doing it right now. make sure you don't pan down. >> i want to give you the last word. as a veteran of the war on christmas -- >> two turtle doves, three
12:31 am
french hens and a bucket full of valtrex. i will at tell you, being a veteran of war gets you a lot of tail. >> does it? do you have a video of your animal doing something go to fox eye and click on submit a video and we might use. it the half time report from jedediah bila.
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we're back. let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong so far. for that we go to jedediah be law. >> i have to tell you when we started i thought i heard a cat meowing and trying to figure out what it was. i didn't hear the first 15 or 20 things you said. but if you have a cat back here, that is a very bad joke you played on me. i swear to you it better not be going on in my head. >> that's john gibson. he does this every night in the newsroom. it is creepy. >> i guess our producers should have warned you. >> next time, please. >> that's on us. >> all right, i have to start with the president's disasterous state of the union. and diane, i want to go to you. you know, i used to be a teacher and education is a sensitive topic for me. and throwing money on our educational system never works. you have a case in point right next to you because bill is a
12:36 am
product of our education system. and that obviously did thought work out too great. but you are right. the only word barack obama didn't mention was choice. it is the only thing that can actually fix our educational system. >> choice, competition, you will never hear that come out of his mouth. >> not with respect to the economy or education. bill, i have to tell you if you keep talking about your i i will legitimate children they are coming for child support soon. you better stop that. just letting you know. i am just telling you. you keep talking about it and then when they come asking for money, -- >> i don't know their names and they don't know where i live. >> mike, you said that you thought it was ridiculous for the president to sign all of these programs. i got to tell you, that has to be the only reason i would go to the state of the union. sign that baby and put it up
12:37 am
on ebay and make some quick cash. >> it would be interesting to know whether anybody's presidential program is signed from one of these ridiculous speeches on ebay and whether it sold and how much for. >> that's what i would do. you can make some good money off that. i would have done that, but i didn't turn the computer on. >> you were fighting off a cat. >> they have to log you in. you were distracted by [bleep] and all of that stuff. >> i am not going to go there. i am not going to go there. >> jedediah, ever since you became an official fox news contributor, you are not even trying anymore. >> listen, when i have to get up and take a de lipter to take the -- a de linter to take the cat hair off. >> that was john gibson and not a cat. >> all of the hairs are white. >> have i to get over this water -- i have to get over this water situation as i refer to it. andy, i have to ask you, as our resident libertarian, did
12:38 am
you watch ron paul's response as well? >> i watched the first 30 seconds of ron paul's response, and then i wept back to playing -- i went back to playing mass affect too. >> i heard he did a great job. >> he did. >> but after an hour of the president and 20 minutes or however long, i couldn't take it anymore. >> i hear you. >> a response to the response to the response. >> yes. and bill, being that the camera is on you, you said that rubio's spanish language was a little too much. i disagree. you know what, republicans get accused all the time of not doing out reach. he has made immigration reform a key tenant of what he plans to accomplish. why not speak to people who speak spanish as a first language. >> he should have said that and then not again in espanol. that was the spanish word for pandering.
12:39 am
you have to do that with your hand. >> that's an italian gesture. are you italian? >> i am italian. >> i am rubbing off on you, bill. >> don't do it. >> paul, i would say you to as well, you said what is behind this rubio thing? but i think this is a guy who does care about immigration and the key issues that are important to the hispanic community. he is not really an empty suit kind of guy. >> i don't think he is an empty suit, but there could have been, and this isn't coming from a liberal point of view. it was an opportunity to do a little more with that moment. i think everybody is saying that including people on the right. look, he was clearly they are vus. he will -- nervous. he will be a world leader. i don't think people were
12:40 am
thinking nixon, sweaty and nervous. i felt bad for the guy. i do think that caused his message to get lost. that's the part i feel bad for him. >> and i agree. mike you pointed out the issue with the water and how everyone is focused on the water and why didn't they bring a little table up. and i have to say even rubio himself, wouldn't you look and think to yourself if i need a drink or if my throat gets dry maybe this is not the best idea. can somebody move this on up a little bit? >> when a big part of your job is public speaking. >> andy just drank from my glass, hold on. >> you are going to catch something now. >> the nor norovirus is ram papt. rampant. but when you think of those that just carry bags for politicians and suck up. somebody would have looked at the set and said maybe just move it here.
12:41 am
>> or here is a simple solution, a beer helmet. >> the coolest thing would have been if somebody threw him a bottle of water and he caught it and he threw it back. >> or a super soaker to the mouth. the world's most interesting man. >> i have to americas the ease scare -- i have to go to the esquire story the first thing i hear is "i dress like a hedge hog" i don't know where you went with that and i don't know if i want to know. >> it will come out in the book, but it was an operation where we had to dress up. >> ron jeremy. >> english countryside, and i had hedge hog. it is a long story. it is not as exciting as taking down bin laden. >> you never explain the hole in this though. >> thanks, guys, back to you. >> thanks, jedediah.
12:42 am
oh look. it is kate upton again. the weird thing is i am not even sure if we are doing a story about her.
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12:45 am
was he being a lecher during a lecture? he was caught tweeting a young woman. the last in question, a recent texas state university alum directed it at steve cohen saying, just saw you on tv. the 63-year-old -- boy that was really great. the 63-year-old lawmaker immediately favored in the tweet from the 24-year-old model and responded, please, you are watching. ilu which means i love you. three minutes later he deleted it and then followed up with, nice are you watching soto,
12:46 am
state of the union. he deleted that as well. when they asked about it, thisy said she is the daughter of a long-time friend and he is pretty much like family. he is a long-time -- he has a long-time girlfriend in memphis. that sounds like cats learning to knock before entering. >> mike is in there with his hedge hog. >> i guess he was telling the truth. >> are you buying the story? >> good, god.
12:47 am
this is so disappointing and this is why i am a proponent of term limits. i honestly believe nothing is going to change until we impose term limits. two four-year terms for congressmen. we can't even send people up to washington now that can sit through a presidential speech without playing around with their phone. i would have more respect if he tweeted something inappropriate rather than this crap that she is a member with my family, who i would like to bone. >> diane, he was asked if happy valentine's day beautiful girl might be an inappropriate message to send to a young family friend and it said, not in my personal opinion. do you agree? >> no, i don't agree. there is something a little shady about that. the little ilu, it just seems unnecessary for a long-time friend.
12:48 am
and then you look at a peck tour of the girl. and then you look at a picture of the girl. >> paul, you often claim to have a gig in memphis. are you buying the story? >> no, he is totally doing the thing with the thing. try to keep it clean. i am proud of the guy. we have a congressman who sent the tweet and didn't attach a photo of his privates. but here is the thing. he meant to direct message her. what is it with these guys in congress who don't know how to operate direct messaging. they are responsible for sending drones to palestinian houses and they can't send a message to gairl in texas. >> somebody needs to develop a twitter app where it comes up and it pops up and says do you need to send this as a dm and
12:49 am
then you click yes or no. >> to go to mike's point, can't these guys pay attention for a few hours out of the year? you would think they would put a big screen up and they should scroll all of the tweets. like the scroll lines for cth n. >> bill, the congressman was clearly flirting, was he not? >> he was clearly flirting, but he will get fired because the excuse is essentially, oh you said that wasment to -- that was meant to be a private message. that holds weight. maybe she is a family trend. no, i was going to tell her that privately how much i love her. >> he is single and she is single well who cares?
12:50 am
>> then don't delete it and don't make an excuse. they made it shady. jay baker what are your -- >> baker, what are your thoughts. >> it doesn't work when all of you talk at the same time. >> you know what, we are going to go -- when you all talk at the same time nobody gets to talk. time to take a break. when we return a special solo acoustic performance from tonight's musical guest.
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some people use these words as a backbone of a life spent defending something and others use them as a punch line. to celebrate the 50th anniversary they celebrated the bikini clad models in all seven continents. and on tuesday kate upton discussed the life-threatening struggles she faced while shooting in antarctica and taught us about things like honor, code, loyalty. >> you tweeted that you had frostbite for months after, right? >> yes. it was quite the -- when i
12:55 am
came back i was losing hearing because my body was shutting down it was working so hard to keep me warm. >> baker, we are talking about heros here. there has been a lot of talk about pensions for navy seals who killed osama bin laden. not a lot of pension for swimsuit models who risk frostbite in antarctica. >> that's what i'm talking about. it reminds me of the shackle ton expedition. >> you were there. >> i was dressed in a furry coat. >> it was a hedge hog. >> it kept me warm. this is astounding. to take thouing away from her -- to take nothing away from her, she is in a cold environment and she wants us to believe the blood is rushing from her eyes and her auditory system to keep the rest of her warm, fine. >> what happens to your eyes? what are you, a vampire? >> i am struggling to keep
12:56 am
this clean. i don't want anybody pissed off in the control room. >> diane, how does it feel in your whole life you will never do anything as heroic as kate upton did. >> when you look at the photographs what you get is antarctica looks like a green screen of antarctica. >> the guy does a photo shop. >> put a picture of an iceberg be behind you in a studio in l.a. and you are done. >> i realize the huge photo crew and the assistants and all of them are looking at the table and saying -- shut up. >> bill, your parents tried to leave you in antarctica once, but unfortunately you found your way back. how cold is it there? >> very cold. and b i am the real hero for making it back. and i for one sympathize with ms. upton. i too started going blind. >> bill was raised, home schooled by a flock of empire
12:57 am
penguins for three years. >> really? >> absolutely. >> that was actually you and your wife dressed up as empire penguins and get your kink out of my home. >> are you even surprised people care about the swimsuit edition anymore? if she got frostbite i'm pretty sure i have seen that on the web. >> are you linking the web to porn? >> i think bit. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up with jedediah bila.
12:58 am
12:59 am

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